Brief History of B. N. Sansthan :

Foundation, by the great Patron of Education the then Maharaj Kumar Shri Bhupal Singhji of Mewar, this institution earned great reputation under the fostering care of Mama Maharaj Aman Singhji and Rao Bahadur Thakur Raj Singhji of Bedla. In 1954 it was upgraded as an Intermediate College, in 1960 as a Degree College and in 1978 as a Post-graduate College. It has faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, College of Pharmacy, P.G. Girls' College and P.G. College of Physical Education. The main purpose of establishing BNCPE in 1 Dec. 1991 was to raise the status of Physical Education by offering Bachelor of Physical Education (a) B.P.E. 3 years (b) Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed. 2 years) (c) Master of Physical Education (M.P.E.-2 years) (d) Diploma in Yog Education (D.Y.Ed. 1 Year) (e) Certificate course in Yog Eucation (C.Y.Ed. 6 Weeks) (f) P.hD. (Physical Education)


 Different Units Under Vidya Pracharini Sabha, Bhupal Nobles Institution , Udaipur

   Name of the Unit  Established
 01.  Bhupal Nobles Post Graduate College  1954
 02.  Bhupal Nobles’ Pharmacy P.G. College  1984
 03.  Bhupal Nobles' P.G College of Physical Education  1991
 04.  Bhupal Nobles' Girls P.G. College  1995
 05.  Bhupal Nobles' Girls Pharmacy College (Degree)   2003
 06.  Bhupal Nobles' Girls Pharmacy College (Diploma)  2003
 07.  Bhupal Nobles' Law College  2003
 08.  Pratap Shodh Pratishthan  1967
 09.  Bhupal Nobles’ School  1923
 10.  Bhupal Nobles' Public School  1971
 11.  Bhupal Nobles’ School Hostel  1923
 12.  Bhupal Nobles’ Public School Hostel   1971
 13.  Bhupal Nobles' College of Physical Education Hostel  1991
 14.  Bhupal Nobles' P.G. College Girl’s Hostel  1995
 15.  Bhupal Nobles’ Girls Hostel  1997
 Bhupal Nobles' Institution : Strides

 02 Jan, 1923  Established as Court of Wards School
 25 Oct, 1923  Court of Wards school baptised as Bhupal Nobles' School.
 25 Oct, 1923  Kshatriya Vidya Pracharini Sabha ( now Vidya Pracharini Sabha) founded
 1929  Raised to High School

 First batch of High School appeared at Allahabad Board Exams

 Oct, 1934

 Established Old Boys Association

 07 March, 1948  Silver Jubilee celebrated
 15 Aug, 1954

 Ceremonial function of up gradation to 'Intermediate college


 Raised to Degree College, High School as a separate unit.


 Foundation of Vivek Vidya Mandir on Public School pattern

 1967  Pratap Research Institute inaugurated
 26 Feb, 1973  Golden Jubilee Celebrations

 Upgraded to Post Graduate College

 28 Feb, 1983

 Pre-diamond 60th Anniversary Celebrations

 28 Feb, 1983  Prime Patron's Centenary
 1984  Pharmacy Faculty added

 School adopted by Sports Authority of India


 School upgraded to Senior Higher Secondary


 Pharmacy Faculty translated into Pharmacy College

 1 Dec, 1991

 College of Physical Education encompassed

 1995  Girls College founded

 Bhupal Noble's Museum


 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations


 Bhupal Noble's Pharmacy Girls college

 2003  Bhupal Noble's Law College
 2003  Bhupal Noble's Public School
 From The Principal

With the ushering in of the third millennium, BNCPE-Udaipur celebrates the completion of 19 year’s of fruitful services in the cause of Physical Education. 25 years were truly milestone where we pause a while to look back-relish the nostalgic memories and relieve the apprehension-appreciate the blessing of the present and look ahead with hope, courage and determination to face the challenges of the future new session in an occasion to celebrate the miracle of god grace and intervention in the growth of the Institution.

Beloved Students, I feel great pleasure to welcome you into the “Bhupal Nobles” family. Come join hands to make sports a way of life. Be happy healthy smiling cheerful through sports. Be devoted dedicated and disciplined towards your institution and profession. Be smart, energetic, and intellectual and feel happy in taking responsibility to keep campus clean and green with lots of flowers and tree’s for pleasant environment. Respect your te4achers, parents and have faith in God. The spirit of the game, the feeling of brotherhood and global peace. Sports as an activity is as pure as the Advaita of Shankar. It combines in itself the spirit of Bible, Kuran and Bhagwat Geeta.

Due to encouragement of sportive members of the B.N. family we have produced number of National & International players who brought repute and laurels to B.N. Sansthan BNCPE will spread peace message through youth activities, track suits, medals, certificates, invitation, cards, ticket, hoarding, sports literature, peace run, sports carnivals, traditional games, martial arts, rural and women games, playing equipment, carry message for peace and environment protection. After winning the battle of Waterloo the duke of Welington remarked “The battle of Waterloo was won from the play fields of eton”. He did not lionize victory but paid tribute to sports which produced leadership, character and team spirit. Swami Vivekanand in his call to the nation says, “ Be strong my young friends, that is my advice to you. You will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of Geeta. You will understand Geeta better with your biceps, your muscles, a little stronger.”

The contribution of the energetic Managing Director, Management of V.P. Sabha, cooperation of young and fit principals of all units of B.N. Institute, faculty and the supportive staff, on the steady progress has always been commendable, for it is through their dedicated endeavors. In keeping with the vision mission of B.N. Sansthan. Our college lies before its students-past, present and future – a challenge for life we continue to strive to be worthy of the confidence placed in us by sports persons and well wisher. It is my fervent prayer that BNCPE students who have passed through the portals of their “Alma Mater” With young hearts made ready “for a life strong and steady” will continue to let their light-shine.

With all my best wishes for success in sports career may God continue to shower his blessing on our college.

 Campus and its Location

Bhupal Nobles' P.G. College of Physical Education (BNCPE) Udaipur is situated in Bhupal Nobles Sansthan Campus on Udaipur-Chittorgarh highway at a distance of about three kilometer from Udaipur city railway station and central bus stand, and is also well connected with direct trains and bus services from Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Agra and Ahmedabad and by regular Indian Airlinesflights from Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Aurangabad, Bombay.

The college campus covers an area of about 50 acres. Besides the main building, class rooms,library, laboratories and administrativesections, it has facilities of hostel for men and women, health-centre, swimming-pool, gymnasium complex, spacious and well maintained play-field for major outdoor and indoor sports. The college library is well stocked with professional books and literature and subscribes to many professional and research journal.

No. & Date of recognization ordered by N.C.T.E. - MPEd -(F-3/ UP/RJ-110 MPEd 2000/16066/19.09.2000)
No. & Date of recognization ordered by N.C.T.E. - BPEd -(F-3/ RJ-112/98/5000/08.12.1998)
No. & Date of recognization ordered by Raj. Govt. - BPE -(F-3/ 1/Education/A/90/11.09.1991)